Satyendar Jain
Gazette Notifications

  1. Gazette Notification Dated 8th April,2016 in respect of Mr. N.R. Bhattacharyya as controlling Authority.

  2. Gazette Notification Dated 10th May,2016 in respect of Mr. P. Arivazhagan, Mr. Kamal Ranjan Chawla, Mr. Anil Kumar Negi as Licensing Authority.

  3.  Gazette Notification dated 19-11-1992 in respect of Drugs Inspector.

       4. Gazette Notification dated 10-02-1994 in respect of Drugs Inspector.

       5. Gazette Notification dated 26-05-1994 in respect of Drugs Inspector.

       6. Gazette Notification dated 20-11-2000 in respect of Drugs Inspector.


       7. Gazette Notification dated 17/01/2017 in respect of Controlling Authority.


      8.  Gazette Notification dated 26-04-2017 in respect of Drugs Inspector.


  9.  Gazette Notification Dated 15th Jun,2017 in respect of Mr.Gopal Krishan Kapoor, Mr. K.T.Raghu Kumar,     Mr.S.Sundaranayagam as Licensing Authority.


      10.  Gazette Notification dated 10/07/2017 in respect of Controlling Authority


      11. Gazette Notification in respect of Qualifications of Competent Person in Homeopathy Medicines Date 10/12/2017.


     12.Gazette Notification 27/04/2017 in respect of Drugs Inspectors.                                                                    

13. Gazette Notification For Updated List of Schedule H1 GSR 1357(E) dated 01/11/2017                         


  14. Gazette Notification For Manufacture and Sale Of Oxytocin dated 27/04/2018


15.  Gazette Notification For Tramadal Under the Purview of NDPS Act & Rules dated    6/04/2018              


16.  DR. R. A Singh as Government Analyst Delhi  07/05/2015.  


17. Gazette Notification of ASJ 02 as special court (1)    

18.  Gazette Notification of Hydroxychloroquine                                                                            

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